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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 9, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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interview since leaving the oval office. and blazing inferno, a train collision causes a massive fuel and blazing inferno, a train collision causes a massive fuel explosion in poland. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. today, we begin with returning to his roots. this morning, president obama is visiting indonesia, a country he called home for part of his childhood. his arrival has been long awaited for indonesians. there was some uncertainty due to the recent deadly volcanic eruptions. the trip was delayed twice in the past so the president could deal with domestic issues. but the president's schedule is pack and it will leave him no time to walk down memory lane and his old neighborhood. he'll attend an official dinner, tour the country's largest mosque and speak at university in indonesia. the visit comes following a three-day stop in india while there the president endorsed india's bid to become a permanent member of the u.n. security council. new security rules are in effect today banning cargo from yemen and prohibiting airline
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passengers from traveling with large toner or ink cartridges in carry-on packages. the tougher restrictions are in direct response to the foiled terror plot that could have taken down planes in the united states last month. in a statement yesterday, janet napolitano said that, quote, these security measures reflect our commitment to using intelligence measures to stay ahead of adversaries. more than two years after leaving office, former president george w bush is now opening up about his time as commander in chief. ahead of the release of his memoirs today, mr. bush sat down with matt lauer for a frank conversation about some of the most controversial issues he faced. among them, the search for weapons of mass destruction. >> your words, no one was more sickened or angry than i was when we didn't find weapons of mass destruction. you still have a sickening feeling when you think about it. >> i do. >> was there ever any
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consideration of the apologizing to the american people? >> i mean, apologizing would basically say the decision was a wrong decision. and i don't believe it was the wrong decision. >> the former president also seemed eager to talk about one of the most contentious issues of his presidency, torture, specifically, waterboarding. >> i said to our team, are the techniques legal? and a legal team says, yes, they are, and i said, use them. >> why is waterboarding legal, in your opinion? >> because the lawyer said it was legal. it didn't fall within the anti-torture act. i'm not a lawyer, but you have to trust the judgment of people around you, and i do. >> and mr. bush cleared up apparent confusion about t.a.r.p., the government's attempt to bail out troubled banks. >> a recent poll said they asked people who created t.a.r.p. 50% of the people said barack obama. >> oh, yeah? well, 50% of the people are wrong. it happened under my watch. >> well, former president george
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w. bush joins matt lauer for an exclusive interview tomorrow morning on "today." you can see more clips from the the interview with the former president and read excerpts from his book "decision points" at decision >> now here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. in new york, a robbery suspect got a beat down himself when he tried to rob a convenience store. surveillance shows the suspect entering the store, going behind the counter and opening the register. but the clerk grabbed a garbage can and fought back. the suspect did eventually get away with an unknown amount of cash. illinois police and the fbi are looking for a man they've dubbed the swine flu bandit, who they say is responsible for at least ten bank hieflts, the last two occurring just yesterday. the suspect tells bank employees he's recovering from the swine flu during the heist. the fbi is now offering $10,000 for information leading to an
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arrest and conviction. in illinois, a world war ii era plane was fished from the deep waters of lake michigan. the fighter bomber slid off the uss wolverine and into the lake during a training mission in 1943. experts say the fuselage is in remarkable condition and it will be restored in florida. in california, electro rock fans rejoice. your famed mammy rock made her debut sporting signature headphones, bringing down the house in front of 3,000 fans. how does this 69-year-old feel about her adoring fans? she says they're rather lovely. so polite. now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. bill, good morning. techno nanny, rooi right? >> i really hope i'm that cool -- >> no. >> -- later in life as a grandmother. >> no chance. >> really? that's so painful.
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>> but true. >> well, bill, why don't i -- >> just hang it up right now. >> yeah. how about that weather, bill? >> it's looking better, lynn. i can always be nice about that. yesterday was horrible in new england. we saw sleet, we saw snow. even new york city had sleet yesterday and the winds were howling all because of this ocean storm. this is slowly pulling away today and the weather will improve everywhere. now, the middle of the country, this is fantastic. the warm air is rising up from texas all the way to the northern plains. >> it's going to be great today from st. louis to kansas city and even in chicago. taking a look at that storm system that bothered us yesterday, just a little bit of light rain left over the cape and the island. providence and boston, maybe a sprinkle or two this morning. but your weather, as i said, is improving. still windy in boston at 23 miles per hour. but other cities, not like yesterday. philly, new york and hartford, the winds will be much lighter today than yesterday. forecast highs, still cool. 50s from boston down to d.c. florida is looking okay in the 70s.
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atlanta is looking great. new orleans is really nice. then we get to the really beautiful stuff here. kansas city, chicago, minneapolis this time of year, you'll take 67. cooler in dallas with a chance of showers. that's a storm system heading into the rockies. that's a look at your tuesday forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your window. milwaukee loose fantastic today. dallas, 74 partly cloudy skies. indianapolis loose really looks really nice, too. cooler weather still remains from d.c. up through i-95. lynn, i'd like to tell everyone in new england it's going to warm up, but it's really not. at least it's going to be sunny, but it's going to stay cool for a while. >> but it's not. all right, bill, thank you. gold hits an all-time high, oil hits its high for the year and the pill that will tell on you if you don't take it. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. plus, she's been accused of being in total denial. now lindsay lohan's mother explains why she never spoke up about what everybody else seems
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to know. bengals and steelers go down to the wire. the cowboys pull the trigger and an unthinkable trick play. it's a good one. you're watching "early today."
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good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry. here are some of your top headlines this morning. the u.s. state department says it is, quote, deeply disappointed by israel's plan to build more than 1,300 new homes in disputed east jerusalem. the announcement comes as israel prime minister netanyahu discusses restarting peace talks. after a brutal home invasion, mr. pettit feels a sense of justice after a jury sentenced his family's murderer to death yesterday.
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after four days of deliberations, steven hayes was given the death penalty for raping and strangling pettit's wife and helping to burn his two daughters alive back in 2007. an assistant attorney general in michigan is out of a job, fired after tarlthing an openly game student assembly president at the university of michigan and then lying about his actions to investigators. andrew shervall, who could face charges, wrote on his blog that the student leader was a, quote, racist and liar who promoted a radical homosexual agenda. and a massive fireball lit up the sky in poland after two freight trains carrying tanks of oil collided yesterday. two train conductors were hurt in the explosion, but officials say their injuries are not life threatening. >> and now here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opened at 11,406 after falling 37 points yesterday. the s&p shed two points. the nasdaq edged up one. taking a look at overseas trading this morning in tokyo, the nikkei dropped 38 points.
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while in hong kong, the hang seng lost 253. christmas doesn't last forever, and neither do ralt ra on wall street. the rally that brought stocks to their highest legal since the peak of the financial crisis in 2008 quietly petered out yesterday. financial stocks were the biggest losers on the dow and s&p 500. insurers were hit worse. travelers were off 1.5%. bank shares also fell and that could continue today. traders view the fed's plan to keep interest rates near record lows as hurting bank profits. one bank stock, however, bank of america, rose almost 2%, making it the best performer on the dow. the dollar rose, hurting exporters like caterpillar down 0.5% and boeing off 1.5%. on the nasdaq, technology gains helped that index edge up. apple rose 0.5%. gold powered to an all-time high above $1,400 an ounce.
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moving mining and steeler stocks higher. coal producers rose on strong demand from steelmakers and renewed merger talks. alpha natural resources shot up almost 9%. arch coal gained almost 5% and consul energy rose close to 4%. oil reached a new high for the year, settled over $87 a barrel. oil has risen more than 16% since labor day. elsewhere, amazon will stai start paying publishers 70% of the retail price when they sell magazines and newspapers on its understandel reader. finally, within 18 months, novartis plans to seek approval for a pioneering tablet containing a microchip that one day will be able to transmit to your doctor not only things like your heart rate and temperature but also whether you take your prescription and whether they're working properly. much better than just an aspirin, huh? the cowboys head coach gets the ax. superman flies past the hawks. and a treat of a trick play. plus, the man known as t.o. was
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hauling in tds last night in cincinnati and taking out security guards in the process. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. one storm exists new england. one storm enters the northwest. your regional forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." hey resolve stain busters,
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good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." and in sports, the dallas cowboys began the season with super bowl aspirations and now, after just one win through eight games, someone has to pay the price. here is nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. good morning. after weeks of saying he would not make a coaching change, cowboys owner jerry jones finally had enough. he fired head coach wade phillips after the cowboys were humiliated sunday night by the packers. offensive coordinator jason garrett takes over for phillips. cowboys have lost five straight. they're a dismal 1-7. then we go to cincinnati, pittsburgh and steelers. ben roethlisberger handed it off to antwaan, a great trick play, steelers up, 27-7. bengals came roaring back, carson palmer to owens. t.o. took out the security guard. bengals cut the lead 27-21. that was as close as they would get.
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final seconds, jordan couldn't make the grab and steelers hang on to win it, 27-21. basketball, magic and the hawks, the magic up four at the half. vince took over down the stretch, tough lay-up and one. magic remain perfect at home. 93-89. >> celtics and mavericks. rondo, the alley-oop, celts up. moments later, dirk nowitzki with the fade away and he got it. dallas took the lead. 17 seconds to play. last chance for boston, but garnett's shot way off the mark. the mavs snap the celts' five-game win streak, 89-87. finally, if you thought the trick play by the steelers was good, look at this one from corpus christi, texas. the quarterback pretended the ball was mismarked and was going to give it to the referee. and there he goes. he faked everyone out and bolted 67 yards for the score. forget about football. get that kid an acting gig.
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that's your early look at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. well, what johnny depp doesn't want you seeing him doing with angelina jolie. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. plus, dogs of all shapes and sizes make their bid for hollywood stardom. only it was easier for some than others. you're watching "early today."
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good morning and welcome on this tuesday. here is your forecast, our ocean storm from yesterday will be leaving us today. middle of the country, fantastic from minneapolis to chicago. still cool back here in denver. yesterday was beautiful. now that cold front has gone through. it will be cool from nevada to minneapolis. tomorrow looks nice in many areas of the east. if you're watching us on wcsh channel 6, portland, maine, at the historical society, take a fascinating look at clothing. and the historic battle between comfort and fashion at the clothe for ease lecture. that's your "early today" event of the day, lynn. you know, i did not put fascinating in there as a male
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representative. >> ooi'm sure thee very disappointed. actually, speaking of fashion, bill, we match today. >> it's only about 30 minutes into the show. i know. it takes me a little time. you people at home can relate, right? now here's a look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. the english tabloids are reporting johnny depp has demanded a sexy shower scene that he did with angelina jolie be cut from their movie. not because it wasn't good, but because it was too good. the reports say depp's wife is jealous of the time he's been spending with jolie. the reports go on to say depp is worried shooeg she'll be even more jealous if she sees the shower scene. in an exclusive interview with matt lauer yesterday on "today," lindsay lohan's mother finally admitted that her daughter is an addict. she claims she had not been in denial up until now but it was not her place to talk about it until her daughter was comfortable with admitting she was an addict herself.
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and finally, for all you "indiana jones" fans out there, harrison ford tells access hollywood that george lucas is working on a script for a fifth indiana jones movie and if he and lucas and spielberg can all agree on a script, that they would love to do another one. this comes to us from laepgs, california, where one group of dogs will jump through hoops all hoping to become stars. the group is lined up, ready to get wet and they're hoping that their high flying leaps and boogie boarding talents will score them a spot for next year's rose parade. look at that little guy. he's so cute. though the competition can get gnarly for most of the dogs, it's just a fun day at the pool because they have no idea what's going on. >> the bulldog made it popular. >> very cute. i'm lynn berry, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station.
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning, everyone. we are off to a quiet start. we don't expect any rain or snow. we have clear skies. we are in the 40's. last night temperatures were the upper 20's and low 30's. 43 degrees in parkton. mostly sunny, breezy, and cool with high temperatures in the
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upper 50's and low 60's. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. for now, to the news desk. >> thank you. 45 degrees on tv hill. here's a look ahead to 11 news today. >> a market in downtown annapolis all soon be getting a facelift. >> this is the second leg of president obama's asian tour. >> it is breezy out there. there are wind warnings at the area bridges.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good tuesday morning. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> tony pann has a quick look at today's forecast. today's forecast. >>


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